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Why Methodism?

Why Methodism

John Wesley said:" The world is my parish" 

The Methodist Church was born out of  Mission. 

An ordained Anglican minister until he died,  John Wesley's mission was to take the love of God to everyone. At that time, in many places the established Church of England was not reaching out to those in greatest need, especially those in the rapidly growing urban areas where the Industrial Revolution was hungry for cheap labour.

Wesley did not intend to found a separate church as he was more concerned that Methodism should be a missionary movement within the Church of England. But the separation became inevitable  when, in order to maintain and to preserve the Methodist Societies he had set up during his years of constant travelling throughout the land, Wesley ordained men who would carry on and expand the work. This was the step which marked the final separation from the Church of England.

By the time of Wesley's death in 1791 there were 70,000 Methodists in England, America, the West Indies and Continental Europe. Methodists since that time have continued to see their mission as sharing God's love to those in need and in their struggle for justice.

Methodism encourages links between its churches, recognizing the significant benefits in being part of a national movement. This, in Methodism, is called the Connexion. The Church is governed by the Methodist Conference - a democratically elected body that meets annually.

The Style of worship is known for its mixture of word and music. Preachers not only teach from the Bible but relate it to everyday life, and Methodists sing the words of their belief to lively and memorable music. 

This is what John Wesley affirmed:

All need to be saved 

 "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans ch 3:v.23      

All can be saved 

"God sent His son into the world.. that the world might be saved through Him"  (John ch.3 v.17)                                                                   

All can know they are saved 

"The Spirit testifies with our Spirit that we are God's children".  Roman ch8 v 16

All may be completely saved

"Therefore He is able to save completely...because He always lives to intercede for them."  Hebrews ch 7 v 25.

Here is John Wesley's    Rule for Christian Living

                                    Do All the Good You Can,

                                    By All the Means You Can,

                                    In All the Ways You Can,

                                    In All the Places You Can

                                    At All the Times You Can,

                                    To All the People You Can

                                    As Long as Ever You Can.

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